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I speak frequently to groups and societies on aspects of Victorian railway history. I usually speak for forty-five minutes to two hours (dependent on the talk) and am always happy to answer questions and have feedback after.

Over the years I have spoken to many societies and groups on maHardwickeny subjects, which are listed below. So if there are any talks that you think would appeal to your group, please do get in touch using the feedback form at the bottom of this page. All talks are illustrated.

  • The life and legacy of George Bradshaw.
  • Dickens and the Railways.
  • The first railway workers.
  • The Hampton Wick Accident, 1888.
  • Forgotten staff: Victorian and Edwardian Railwaywomen.
  • Travelling on the Victorian railways.
  • The railway picture postcard; articles of art and advertising.
  • Multimedia railway: railway marketing in the Edwardian period.
  • Beer by rail 1830-1914.

My fee varies according to the nature of organisation and the event, and I usually ask for travel costs (I currently live in central London).

Please be aware I usually do not take speaking engagements in the summer months (July-September).

Also, when contacting me, could you please include the following information to speed the process of arrangement:

  • Possible dates.
  • How long you desire me to talk
  • Preference of subject.


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