Welcome to my website! I’m so glad you have visited.

Here you can find out all about me. Where to start? Firstly, you may want to discover what I am researching and what future academic and non-academic projects are. I will also list all the publications I have been published in, and you can find out about my speaking engagements and how you can get me to speak at your group or society.

Also you can find out all about the Postgraduate Diploma in Railway Studies I am teaching through the University of York’s Centre for Lifelong Learning, and how you can apply.

Lastly, here’s a word for all of the dedicated followers of my TurnipRail railway history blog. I am not dispensing with the site – never fear. I would never do that. However, when I post I do hope to duplicate my posts here, so that they are available in two places. I also may be re-posting here some of my old posts from TurnipRail, but updating them as I go (I’ll be honest, since 2010 my writing style and ideas have changed)

So, why not have a look  around, find out about me and get in touch!


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